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manufacturers of downstream rubber & plastic extrusion machinery

Upgrade machinery

 Upgraded cutter with Lyons Electronics controller picture1

Upgraded cutter with Lyons Electronics controller

Upgrade your old specification machines to the latest technology eg: Replace old hydraulic variators or DC motors on your machine to AC motors with inverter control for improved speed ratio & stability.
Replace electromagnet, vacuum or pnuematic clutch brakes on your fly knife cutters to servo motor with a new Lyons Electronics controller.

Replace existing complicated pnuematic systems on travelling saws with new solenoid valves & an electronic controller. 
Refurbish, including complete strip down of your old machine, sand blast, repaint & reassemble replacing with new, updated parts where needed.

 Upgraded haul-off with inverter-controlled AC motors

 Upgraded cutter with Lyons Electronics controller picture2

Upgraded haul-off with inverter-controlled AC motors