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manufacturers of downstream rubber & plastic extrusion machinery

Rotary Fly Knife cutters:


We manufacture fly knife cutters for extrusion profiles up to 150mm. A blade rotates at right angles through the product at a programmed interval to produce the desired length. Our fly knife cutters can cut any extruded product that can be cut by a knife, i.e. plastics, rubber, food etc. Send us a sample so that we may determine the best way to cut your product. Allow us to recommend the best style of cutter to suit your particular application.
We supply a choice of cutter styles using clutch brakes or servomotors. Servomotors are the most accurate and use less mechanical parts but their trade off is this is expensive technology. In many cases the older technology provided by clutch brake units is more than sufficient. We have many of these older units still running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (many over 15-years old)!
Our cutters use a purpose built controller supplied by Lyons Electronics. Other manufacturers use complicated HMI panels or a variety of complex switches. Our control is very easy to use and is probably the most accurate device of its type on the market. 
Various methods of length control are available:
Timer Mode: Uses a time interval with resolution down to one millisecond. This is good with stable line speeds and does not require a length measuring encoder.
Encoder Mode: For tighter tolerance an encoder is mounted on the Haul-off belt or product. The 650 controller provides scaling which simplifies length set up. 250,000 max counts per second - equivalent to 125 kHz.
Product Mode: A switch, sensor or electronic eye can be used to send a pulse to the controller, which will then give the cut. A Hold Off timer is included to gate off the input for products that bounce back in front of the sensor when cut (to avoid double cutting).
Flywheel Mode: The cutting arm spins at a fixed RPM.
We also manufacture combination machines that have the Fly Knife Cutter & Haul-Off together on a single frame.




We manufacture a wide range of coiling machines to handle the smallest medical tubing up to 100mm diameter rigid pipes.
Available as single head or multiple head or double sided to handle dual extrusions, with dancing arms, layering devices & collapsible bobbins.

We manufacture Caterpillar Haul-Offs up to 2 metres long with 1700mm gripping length using multiple ribbed poly V belts with various coverings upto 500mm wide.
With AC or servo geared motors mounted directly on the booms.
We can also supply a specialist control system to produce bubble tubing by momentarily stopping the haul-off & blowing air into the extruder head.
Conveyors / Tipping Tables:

We manufacture Conveyors with a push bar or air blow system to handle flexible extrusions when cutting up to 6 metre lengths, this machine will collect product in a tray for easy packaging. Available with a second tray to batch product if needed.
We also manufacture Tipping Tables for rigid extrusions.

Custom-made machinery